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What is Real Estate
It seems obvious at first but real estate is actually more about people than property !
We provide property services to people, people live in the property we manage, we help people buy and sell property to other people….
We don't forget that each property is someone's home, that is kinda important
People and technology
We don't replace people with technology, we use technology to give our clients more access, more time, more face to face contact with REAL people
Our Real people help other real people handle real situations, how can we really help you ?
Property Expectations
To be blunt we expect high standards in property maintenance, Great Neighbours come and stay with us BECAUSE of this. They stay longer, look after their home better and give Owners the best return for their investment.
Independence assured
We are a uniquely independent business, we don't hide links to third parties such as developers or commercial owners. Nor do we act as a defacto data collection agency for large global corporations.
We are Property Agents first and foremost, we represent the property and its owners.
Tenants and Purchasers
Simply put, without these two crucial groups of people our job is impossible.
We treat everyone as a client no matter where they fit into the matrix, in return we expect everyone to live up to their responsibilities and return the favour.
Landlords and Vendors
Our experience and knowledge is part of your toolbox, we will guide your decision making with facts and clear advice. The path to success is not always obvious but we know the way.
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