Great Property

Great Property
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Storm Damage
Extreme Weather event
February 2020 - Sydney is expriencing extreme weather conditions with very high unseasonal rainfall and strong winds across Sydney.
Safety first
When responding to ANY unusual situation eg clearing trees, stemming water, roof leaks etc no matter how minor or seemingly innocuous please take moment before acting to review the safety of the situation. Water and electricity do not mix, fallen branches may mean other branches overhead or blocked drains may contain unseen objects, the list of potential hazards is extensive. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS.
What to do….
If you are encountering property issues including water pentration, flooding or drainage issue please report it to us immediately. Send us an email, log into our website or call us. Due to the volume of issues emergency services and tradespeople may take time to attend, please take whatever safe action you can to minimise property damage in the meantime.
Follow up
After the weather passes please review your property and report any unusual signs of damage that may be related and require attention. Eg : Settlement cracking can occur when the substructure moves quickly from being very dry to very wet. High moisture content can also lead to mould and damp issue, please keep your property well ventilated at all times to allow excess moisture to dissipate.
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