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Its Christmas time…
In preparation for Christmas there are a few things to do around a property apart from put up the Christmas tree and buy a feast :
Tradies tend to go on holiday and those that don't, get very busy. If you have repairs and maintanence issues report them early and expect them to take a little longer to be attended to. Emergency repairs will get priority but not everything becomes an emergency just because its Christmas.
Be careful with any temporary lighting installations, don't overload your circuits and only use quality products. Read your local fire safety guidelines eg Bush fire zones are different to your city apartment. If you do trip your power circuits contact AusGrid if you can't restore it, this will be at your expense !
Note our Office trading hours
Our staff get Christmas holidays too, our physical office closes on 24th December and re-opens on 11th January 2021.
A little more seriously please take care if you are travelling, extended holiday periods are the deadliest times on our roads. Take your time, don't risk everything for a few minutes.
Our online office is open 24/365, you can log in and use our online services or make contact with us, we will try and respond as soon as possible but please remember when our physical office is closed, we are recharging ready for a brand new exciting year ahead.
Have a peaceful and safe holiday period
From all our staff please have a safe and wonderful holiday period, we look forward to being of service in the New Year.
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