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COVID-19 Update
NSW Health - Don't panic, Get the facts
COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and we all have a role to play in saving lives, limiting the spread and protecting our health system from being over run. GET THE FACTS - click the COVID SAFE icon in the top right corner to Visit NSW Health online. GET TESTED, STAY SOCIALLY DISTANT and when you can't - WEAR A MASK!
Our office is functioning as normal as possible within a COVID Safe Plan, the health and safety of our staff and customers is our #1 priority. Where specific changes to process apply we will inform you and endeavour to minimise any inconvenience, we appreciate your co-operation and understanding.
Our office is open however attendance is by appointment ONLY, assistance is available by phone/email/website enquiry
Marketing Inspections
Property viewings are available by private appointment or published open for inspection. All our listings are online with detail, photos and vitual tour/walk thru where available.
Attendance Records
COVID SAFE Track n Trace : It is a requirement of NSW Government to Identify ALL attendees at an inspection AND hold accurate contact details in the event of a COVID-19 Issue. Jump the Queue - Pre-registration helps ensure we have sufficent time available to show all attendees through each property. Last minute attendees MUST register via QR Code - Scan the QR code and complete the registration. The Agent must see your registration before you can enter the property.
Review our available Property >> Click on the listings in the right toolbar>>
When you find a property you wish to inspect pre-register and nominate a preferred inspection time and day:
<< Click the " R " Register icon in the left toolbar<<
Avoid disappointment
Inspection times are determined by the number of pre-registrations, we can not guarentee non-registered attendees will be able to inspect a property by simply turning up. We are experiencing increased demand across all areas we service.
Application for Tenancy
To submit an Application for Tenancy Click 'R' to Register, complete the form and then select 'Application' after entering the secure code for your desired property. Complete the Application process include as much detail as you can to ensure swift processing.
Auction Registration
To Register to bid at an Auction Click 'R' to Register, complete the form and then select 'Bid' after entering the secure code for your desired property. Only registered Bidders can physically attend an auction and currently there is a Maximum cap of 20 bidders - should this number be exceeded bidders may arrange to bid by phone.
W,H & S Safety Requirements
It is essential that staff and tradespeople are not exposed to the risk of this disease and unknowingly spread it into their own community of family, friends and workplace.
If people are to attend your property …
If, as the occupant of a property, you returned to Australia within the past 14 days and/or mixed with people that have returned to Australia within the past 14 days, it is essential to report this to us even if you do not have any symptoms.
Maintenance Access
To avoid multiple contact points, Tenants will be responsible for arranging and providing access for maintenance to property. This is already the default method however pre-covid an option was for the tradesperson to collect the office key - this creates an unnecessary contact point.
Routine Property Inspections
Routine property inspections are returning to normal, we will endeavour to work within the reasonable access needs of occupants HOWEVER we ask that if you wish to be present, that you wait OUTSIDE the property whilst our agent conducts the inspection. Any dialogue regarding the property / inspection can be conducted via phone or email.
Vacation Inspections
Due to the nature of the inspection our staff can not accommodate attendance at a Vacation Inspection. Following return of possession we will conduct a vacation inspection, any issues that need to be addressed will be raised with supporting evidence and photos. 95% of issues concern cleaning, it is always our recommendation that if you use a professional cleaner that they have a return guarentee.
Maintenance Delays
Repairs and Maintenance issues can not be attended to at an affected property unless visiting tradespeople can be assured appropriate safety measures are in place. Please discuss necessary precautions with us and them.
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