Great Knowledge

Moving In
Some buildings have onsite managers or caretakers with specific move in requirements, these will be detailed in your personalised move-in guide and confirmed when signing your tenancy agreement. These are building rules and not determined by your Landlord
Each property will have various services that the tenant needs to have connected, electricity, Gas (if applicable), telephone/internet. NBN may be available however this is still under construction in many Sydney suburbs.
All Electricity and Gas meters are registered on a National Meter Index (NMI), all service providors have access to this Index and can find the necessary meter number from the property address. To save them time they will often ask for the meter id, however in most buildings the meter is not publically accessible and therefore you can not provide the ID. Simply advise them to lookup the meter ID.
We pride ourselves with providing clean and well maintained property to our tenants, there should not be any issues of cleanliness when you first move in. During a tenancy we respond and attend to repairs and maintenance requests promptly and do not hold back on getting repairs attended to.
Condition Report
You will receive a condition report specific to your property completed by one of our agents prior to your lease signing. In the first 7 days of occupation go through the property and record your own inspection comments and return it to us.
Feel free to forward photos of anything you feel is not adequately recorded. On receipt of your condition report, if we feel anything is significantly different to our inspection, may need clarification or to reinspect.
Moving Out
Repairs and Maintenance
After Hours Assistance - Tenants
Electrical - Dangerous/live circuits
Electrical - loss of Supply
Gas - Loss of Supply or Leakage
Water - Loss of Supply or Leakage
Flooding / Storm Damage
Loss of Hot Water/ tank leakage
Locked Out / Stolen or lost Keys
After Hours Tradespeople
Office of Fair Trading - Urgent Repairs
Noisy/Anti-Social Neighbours
Experience : The Difference