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Repairs and Maintenance
Urgent Repairs
The tabs below provide support for Urgent repairs as defined by the NSW Residential Tenancy Act. Review the information carefully and if we can be of further assistance please contact us.
Non-Urgent Repairs
Great Neighbours sets high expectations in the manner in which both Landlord and Tenant look after a property we manage. As both parties have responsibilities it is our job to navigate the best path to a solution, one thing we DO NOT do is ignore issues that need resolution.
All Tenants can log in to our website and report repairs 24/7/365, select 'Report Maintenance issue' from the client toolbox. There are major advantages of doing this online, the process is fully logged and allows the user to upload photos at the time or later to clarify an issue or confirm a model number.
Alternatively, call or email us and we will assist you during office hours. We encourage Tenants to report issues promptly to avoid further potential damage or inconvenience. A dripping tap washer can easily escalate into an unnecessary plumbing emergency !
Mould and Damp issues
Mould and damp issues can be complex but are generally seperated into 2 distinct causes, a building fault or a ventilation issue. Legislation requires that any building issue that may cause damp or mould to occur must be declared once known, Great Neighbours wholeheartedly support this policy in the best interests of our occupants.
What is the difference
A building issue displays very different characteristics from a ventilation issue, a building issue will be caused by water ingress and evidenced physically.
A ventilation issue is primarily caused by a lack of adequate airflow in a humid environment, the results of this type of issue is general surface mould spores.
A building issue requires a building inspection with a formal solution(action plan) developed to combat the issue. In a high denisty situation (Strata Plan) the cause is most likely a water leak or penetration issue.
A ventilation issue requires ongoing ventillation in the affected area particularly during humid weather conditions. The use of internal heaters will increase air humidity and condensation will occur more frequently in colder weather. To rectify the surface mould occupants should clean all the surfaces and remove all evidence of the mould. Invisible mould spores spread rapidly and need to be killed using powerful cleaning agents, we recommend Exit Mold or White Vinegar. There is plenty of useful information to be found via Google.
Surface mould issues are generally considered a cleaning issue and the responsibility of the Occupants to address, we encourage Tenants to report the issue to us and supply photos of the issue as soon they become aware of it.
Older houses and ground floor units may have sub floor spaces that are the cause of the issue, whilst the cause remains a ventilation issue, a solution such as sub-floor ventilation may be required.
Rating System
Not only do we rate our Tenants on how fabulous they are, but we also rate our tradespeople. From time to time we will issue a rating survey to Tenants to ensure our Tradespeople are doing a good job.
If you receive a survey please be honest, our tradespeople are handpicked and do work hard, they are earning a living by solving our problems. However we do expect them to respect your home, be courteous and try to work with your access arrangements. We ask them to clean up any mess they create and resolve a repair as efficiently as posible.
Sometimes things don't work out, the only way to improve is to identify failings and do better next time. Its equally important to accurate and honest, don't let the emotional impact of a given repair be the fault of the tradesperson, they didn't cause it but they will hopefully resolve it.
After Hours Assistance - Tenants
Electrical - Dangerous/live circuits
Electrical - loss of Supply
Gas - Loss of Supply or Leakage
Water - Loss of Supply or Leakage
Flooding / Storm Damage
Loss of Hot Water/ tank leakage
Locked Out / Stolen or lost Keys
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Office of Fair Trading - Urgent Repairs
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